GojiKiosk is made for a specific purpose. GojiKiosk is designed to solve problems and deliver benefits for many people and many parts of your business.

For Your Customers


Customers appreciate technology that looks nice, clean, and simple.

Simple to use

Our easy to use design will be an enjoyable order process for your customers.

For Everyone

GojiKiosk is designed for ANY age group. Young and Old.

Multi Lingual

Customers can choose their native language and order in the language of their choice.


Fast Ordering

Your customers won’t have to wait to get their order in during the rush.


GojiKiosk can track customized menu items and help customers re-order next time in seconds.

Guided Ordering

Guide customers through building an item using our sequence system.

Split The Bill

Make payments with multiple cards on one ticket.


Pager and Table Locators

Pager and Table Locator entry so customers can be alerted when their order is ready.

Flexible Payments

GojiKiosk can accept Credit, Debit, Gift, NFC, EBT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay.


Placing complex and customized orders is a snap.


Easy Edits

Nobody’s perfect. GojiKiosk makes it super easy to go back and edit your items.

For IT

Cloud Managed

GojiKiosk is managed over the cloud via the GojiDashboard.

100% Cloud Hosted

No onsite servers. Ever. No need to manage any servers. Ever.

Easy Deployment

GojiKiosk is super easy to install and deploy at the store.


Uniquely Secure

GojiKiosk is nearly impervious to virus, malware, hacking, and infection. It can also be remotely deprovisioned in case of theft.

Easy Management

The GojiDashboard makes management simple, fast, and scalable.


Plug and Play

No Drivers to install. No software to install. Just plug it in and go.

Excellent Support

World-Class expert support available 24/7/365

Automated Updates

Operating System, GojiKiosk, GojiDashboard Software all automatically updated. Nothing to manage.

Synchronized Menus

Our menu sync makes menu management faster, easier, and more accurate.

Remote Management

Custom tools built in to remotely manage your Kiosk hardware.

Self-Healing Tech

GojiKiosk is built with tech that can self repair the Operating System and automatically reboot itself if it experiences corruption.

Always New. Always Fresh.

Our One Simple Plan includes equipment replacement and upgrades. Less downtime. Less troubleshooting. Less problems.

For Your Business


Improve Wait Times

Faster Ordering will cut down on lines and line abandonment.

Reallocate Staff

Reallocate your staff to become brand ambassadors to help guide customers and provide better in-store experiences.

Increase Average Orders

Self Order Kiosks can help improve average orders and upsell more consistently

Branded Experience

Deliver your brand experience. So your customers feel at home at any location.

Low Out of Pocket Costs

GojiKiosk has very low out of pocket expenses.

Customer Data

Better understand your customers and cater to their needs. Deliver better experiences.

Managed Expense

Our One Simple Plan’s value makes it easy to budget and manage your kiosk. Fixed cost for replacement, upgrades and for expansion.

Increase Loyalty

Customers that have a great experience will be the most loyal customers. Better cater to your customers needs.

Tech Forward

Represent your business as a Technology forward and growing brand. Deliver a fun and unique experience.

Increase Order Accuracy

Order accuracy benefits both the customer and the kitchen. Everyone Wins.

Corporate Level Control

Control your menu from a corporate level. Lock down specific Categories, Items, Modifiers and settings.

Robust Processing Integrations

Integrated with many different credit card and gift card processors. Choose the one you like.

Real-Time Menu Management

Make adjustments to your menu in real-time. Disable & Enable items, modifiers, categories. Schedule items for any date, time, or occasion.

Ads and Promos

GojiKiosk can be used to promote your latest items, deals, and events!

Turn Key

GojiKiosk is a turn key solution which means shorter development and deployment times.

Increased Satisfaction

Better experiences improve customer engagement and your brand satisfaction. Less Friction. Happy Customers.

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