Logos and Trademarks

The Goji Brand

Before using Goji’s Logos and Trademarks, Please review our guidelines.

Please also make sure you have permission to use these logos and trademarks.  

Branding and how/where Goji’s logo’s and trademarks are used is important to us.  If you’re currently a Goji Partner, Affiliate, or Authorized Dealer please review our Usage Guidelines detailed below.

If you’d like to submit a request for permission to use our logos or trademarks, please email us at [email protected].
For additional details please refer to our Brand Terms and Conditions.


If you’ve received permission to use our logos, please follow these guidelines.

Light Theme Logo

If your background color is white or light colored, please use the Goji Light Theme Logo.  As a general guideline use the Light Theme Logo as long as the “systems” is clearly visible.

Dark Theme Logo

If your background color is black or a dark color, please use the Goji Dark Theme Logo.  As a general guideline use the Dark Theme Logo as long as the “systems” is clearly visible.

Clear Space

The amount of clear space around our logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the Crown “T” in systems

Minimum Size

The minimum size for screen application of our logo is 24 dp in height. In print, it’s 0.125 in/3.1 mm in height.


To maintain consistency of our logo, never do any of the following.

Resizing and Blurryiess

Don’t make the logo blurry by resizing.  Don’t use a blurry logo.

Changing Color

Don’t change the Goji colors.

Modify Logo

Don’t modify the logo in any way, such as adding visual effects, angling, or rotating.

Phrases and Sentences

Don’t use the logo in a phrase or sentence.

Lock Logo

Don’t lock up the Goji Sytems logo with your own logo.


Don’t mimic any Goji branding in non-Goji materials.

The Goji Crown

Third parties are not permitted to use the Goji Crown.  It’s reserved for Goji products and marketing materials.



Goji typically does not allow third-party use of our logo or brand features to create paraphernalia or swag.

Branding Package

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