What’s more important?  The Product or The Service?

The POS industry is full of many different choices for technologies, services, and products.  

How do you decide on what’s more important?  Is it the product features or the services that come with the products or both?  

Some might say that the product is the most important because if the product is terrible then customers aren’t going to buy.  Some others may say that service is the most important because when a product requires service and the service is bad, then the products are not as valuable or even possibly useless.  

My personal opinion is that at the end of the day neither are all that important.  The only thing that matters is the customer experience.  I truly believe this.  The experience is all built around someone’s expectations of the products and services.  If the products or services are unable to meet the expectations of the customer, the customer will be disappointed.  If the customer is disappointed then they had a bad experience.  If they have too many of those bad experiences eventually that will amount to “this system/product/service/company sucks”(even though it may not).  This happens because their experience was poor.

Experience is everything

One thing that I always tell our clients is that even though we offer premium software and hardware and fully managed services, at the end of the day none of that matters if they aren’t getting what they expected.  We offer those things because it’s the best way to provide the best experience.  As a company we’re focused on trying to build the best possible experience a person can have with a pizza POS system.

Why do we focus on the experience?  Despite what anyone says, nobody truly cares about how great the stuff anybody sells actually is.  Most of the time nobody knows what goes into the product or how much work it takes to provide quality service.  Nobody cares about how great the hardware, software, service or anything is especially if their experience is bad.   Bottom line, if their experience is bad everything is bad.  Customers only know one thing for sure, what their experience was like.  Myself Included.

Think about it. You get some brand new technology, a car, a phone or a computer and if it starts to get super slow or behaves improperly what’s your reaction?  It doesn’t even matter if you may have unknowingly caused the problems.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the top of the line technology made by the greatest minds on earth.  At the end of the day none of that matters because you had a bad experience.  If you repeat this a few times over and over eventually you’ll prefer not go to through that experience again, thus no longer purchasing the product(no matter how good it actually is).  Even worse you’ll tell others to avoid such products or services because of your experience.

Generally speaking people want the best POS hardware, POS software, and POS services because they have a certain expectation that they will have a good experience.  

What makes Goji Different?

Our company’s mission is to become the most trusted name in the industry.  It became our mission to overcome the barriers of mistrust when we saw what has been happening in the POS industry.  We are passionate about helping people.  In our pursuit to help people we found that it’s quite difficult to help someone if they don’t trust you.  We want to help business owners grow their business through our POS technology.

We asked ourselves if a POS company solely focused on the customer’s experience how would their approach to providing products and services differ?

Our answer was Goji Systems.  We began with our mission to be the most trusted name in the industry.  Trust is all about relationships and building transparency among peers, partners, and clients.  You need trust in order to help someone.  The more you’re able to help someone the better their experience becomes.


We work very hard to make anything that is complex to be simple, clear, and easy to understand.  The more complicated something is the more difficult it is to have a good experience.  This concept flows throughout our entire company.  You can see this concept in our company mission, vision, passion, logo, products, and services and everything inbetween.  Simplicity allows us to be more transparent.  It helps us communicate why we are who we are.


In order to build a company that is experience driven, you need people who genuinely care about helping someone.  We only seek to work with people who care about helping others.  Our partner relationships are built on a solid foundation of trustworthy people who genuinely care about helping others.  It’s impossible to provide a good experience for someone else if you’re only focused on yourself.


We believe that good business is about building solid relationships.  Your experience has a lot to do with the health of those relationships.  We have done our best to develop comprehensive service offerings that will benefit clients the most.  In order to design our service offerings we started from the client’s perspective.  We asked ourselves, what kind of services would we want from a POS company?  What type of services would give me total satisfaction?  Our services are designed to satisfy those questions.



We always work to improve everything.  We strive to change the standard of POS to the next level.  Everything we do is purposely geared to show how much we actually care about every detail.  We care about those details because we know it affects someone’s experience.  We look at the current standard and look to build something better every day.  We aim to lead by example, to take the industry to a higher standard.  We want clients to expect other businesses to offer the same level of quality we do.


Some may call this compromise, but sometimes there is no compromise.  Sometimes you just have to give.  In order to help someone you can’t always compromise.  We are ready and willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish our mission.

These are the methods that we use to help our clients.  We call this The GojiXperience.


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